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How To Clean Your Toilet According To Destape De Drenajes En Monterrey

If you want to clean your toilet without spending too much money, you can use Coca-Cola aka Coke, which is affordable plumbers in my area. Coca-Cola is also non-toxic, and it is completely safe for us. Additionally, if your toilet or drain is also damaged, we suggest you call the experts to destape de drenajes en monterrey.

So for those of you who want to take advantage of the acidity of Coca Cola to clean toilets, you may read the following tips:

1 Measure one or two glasses of Coca-Cola

Open the lid of a bottle or a can of Coca-Cola. Do not need much to clean a toilet. A can of Coca-Cola can contain about 350 ml, and that’s a lot. If you have a larger size Coca-Cola, pour it into a glass.

Coca-Cola can be used as a cleanser because of the mild content of carbonic acid and phosphoric in it. These acids are the result of the carbonation process and not from the flavoring substances in soda, for that you can also use Diet Coke instead of regular Coca-Cola. Soda water or other carbonated drinks can also be used, although later prices may differ.

2 Pour Coca-Cola into the toilet pit

Then flush the toilet with Coca-Cola, flush it to the edge of the toilet hole. Coca-Cola must flow over the crust to be cleaned. Coca-Cola will look like everything is sliding into the toilet water, but there will be a little bit left in the crust.

For a crust that is at the top and difficult to reach, try to wet the cloth using Coca-Cola and clean it by hand. You can also use the spray if you don’t want dirty hands.

3 Let the Coke stays there for a while

If so, wait all night so the effects of the soda can clean your toilet until the crust disappears. Do not forget to close the toilet tightly so that the effect is not wasted.

4 Flush the toilet

Don’t forget to rinse the rest of the coca-cola with water until it is clean, otherwise, it might result in the loss of your toilet structure. for that flush thoroughly. You can also water it while occasionally brushing it so that the effect is more visible.

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