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Chair, Extra Comfort Guarantee

Chairs become one of the important items to have at home, especially in the living room and family room. Chairs are not just furniture for relaxing, but stressless chair can also be used as room decoration that offers perfect comfort. Currently, there are many types of chairs available, including recliner chairs and leisure chairs.

Recliner Chair and Leisure Chair are chairs that have two functions, such as ordinary chairs but can also be opened into reclining chairs. This chair is equipped with a footrest to support comfort as well as blood flow throughout the body. Both of these chairs are generally equipped with a soft foam layer with a comfortable outer layer, which can be either leather or thick fabric.

Although impressed similar, but both have fundamental differences in foot support. Leisure Chair is equipped with a separate stool so that the distance can be adjusted to support the legs and calves in the desired position. Whereas in the Recliner Chair, the footrest becomes part of the chair. With its mechanism of support, the foot can be ejected when the lever is pulled.