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There Are Some Ways To Treat Sweaty And Slippery Hands

The condition when the body produces excessive sweating is usually called hyperhidrosis. Sweating is actually a very natural thing, but sometimes it makes you uncomfortable if too much is produced. For example, sweaty palms often make your hands more slippery and your grip is unstable. Additionally, you can also read more about a device to treat hyperhidrosis on our website.

Therefore several methods are needed to overcome this hyperhidrosis, such as:

Use antiperspirant products

These chemicals are usually indeed often found in deodorants. Its function is also to overcome the problem of excessive sweating, both your armpits and the whole body. Well, for those of you who experience the condition of your palms often sweat, it is recommended to apply antiperspirants to the palms.

Start with products that can be purchased at the nearest store. However, if you already use it and there is no effect whatsoever, try to consult with a doctor to get an antiperspirant in the pharmacy.

Before using it, follow first how to put this product into the palm of your hand.

Use antiperspirants before going to bed.
Apply to dry skin.
It is recommended not to wear gloves or objects that can cover your hands.

Use baking soda

Another way to deal with hyperhidrosis on the palms is to use baking soda. Besides being good for cleaning and whitening teeth, this baking soda powder is also believed to reduce the sweat on the palms. This is due to the alkali content of these cake ingredients turned out to be able to make sweat evaporate and disappear faster.

Mix 1-2 teaspoons baking soda with water.
Stir until it forms a paste/cream.
Apply to your hand (up to your palm) for 5 minutes.
Rinse thoroughly.

Apple vinegar

Even though it smells bad, apple vinegar can actually be one way to deal with excessive sweating on the palm of the hand. The content of apple cider vinegar is able to balance your body’s pH level and help keep your palms dry. It is recommended to use it overnight to get the best results.

Clean your palms first and use a cotton swab to apply apple vinegar to the area.
Leave overnight and take a shower the next day to clean the liquid.
It is recommended to use powder or deodorant after bathing.