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4 Wrong Myths About Building Muscles

Building muscle is not easy, everyone knows that very well. Therefore, many people try various methods such as Buy lgd-4033 to be able to build muscle with maximum results. But unfortunately, some of them still believe the wrong myth, so the process of muscle formation becomes imperfect. To find out the right ways to build muscle, let’s look at various myths below.

1. Building muscle must be by consuming large amounts of protein
Protein is indeed very important for protein synthesis and muscle growth, but in general, the amount of protein needed by the body is not the same as you imagine. Strength athletes (people who are trained to join the muscle strength championship) are recommended to meet protein intake of 1.7 grams/kg body weight per day, which is certainly easy to achieve through a healthy diet.

In many cases, this amount is sufficient to optimize protein synthesis and muscle growth in the body. If protein is consumed in excess, then it causes an increase in fat.

2. Muscles can form slowly with weight training
Slowly lifting weights will only result in longer exercise. Researchers from renowned universities studied two lifter groups (people who lift weights) who did 29 minutes of training. One group did the exercise using the 5-second phase up and 10-second phase down, and the rest did the exercise the traditional way, which was 1 second up and 1 second down. The group that burned 71% more calories faster and lifted 250% more weight compared to lifting weights slowly.

3. Don’t forget about protein and amino acids when practicing to build muscle
There is no evidence that protein and supplements are the most effective for muscle formation compared to the protein found in food. Besides, the price is also more expensive compared to the protein contained in food. However, to get high-quality protein from food, you can consume milk, eggs, meat, and soy.

4. You don’t need carbohydrates in building muscle
Many athletes and bodybuilders make the mistake of thinking that protein is the most important nutrient in building muscle and carbohydrates do not play a part in muscle synthesis. However, even though it does not provide building blocks for muscle growth, carbohydrates are still the main fuel for muscles.