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Geofencing Has Security, Family Tracking, And IFTTT

There are many smart applications for geofencing in terms of cellular and computer security. Android 5.0, for example, has a useful feature where you can disable locking the device if you are in the range of “home” Wi-Fi nodes: No longer constantly unlocking your cellphone when you just sit on your couch playing with it during commercial breaks, thanks to geofencing technology.

You can also set a miniature geofence around your computer that automatically locks your computer when your phone (and the relevant Bluetooth radio) is away from the computer. We detail how to set up a smart little hack here.

In addition, if you have a busy family that you want to monitor (such as getting a warning when your child comes home from school and forgetting to call you), there are useful geofence-based solutions like the Life360 application that is available for iOS and Android, which make it dead simple to set the zone with appropriate notifications.

The Apple Find My Friends application for iOS 8.0+ offers similar functionality with the ability to check locations and set location-aware alerts.

What’s more, IFTTT (IF This Then That) is a recipe system that allows you to make recipes such as “If I leave my office to turn on the AC at home” or “if I’m at home after 9:00 in my workday text the boss I’m stuck in traffic “or whatever another recipe you can cook.

IFTTT supports native location tracking for Android and iOS via the official IFTTT application. To see sample recipes that utilize location tracking, check iOS location channels and Android location channels.

While using IFTTT is certainly more complicated than, say, using simple geofencing built directly into the subtle Hue bulb system, it offers a great level of flexibility because nearly tens of thousands of IFTTT recipes can be adapted to work with location applications on your mobile.