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Benefits of Sleep Wearing Socks

Sleep is a time for the body to rest so that the next morning you can get back on the move. Sleep is related to overall bodily functions, from skin health to the brain. For this reason, many people are looking for ways to maintain their sleep comfort, for example by using striped socks. However, are there any benefits of sleep wearing socks for the body?

Socks are usually used as a base when using shoes or when in the house. Well, socks are also often used by people during sleep as a way to warm the body. Simply put, wearing socks does make feet warm. However, are there other benefits? Here are some of the benefits of sleeping with socks.

1. Helps regulate core body temperature
Rooms that are too cold can make you sleep soundly. You become more mobile, either to fix the blanket or back and forth to urinate. In addition, cold air causes narrowing of blood vessels so that blood circulation becomes narrower. The easiest and safest way to keep your feet warm during sleep is to use socks. Your body will feel warmer. The resulting warmth can trigger a vasodilation response, which is a narrowed blood vessel that will widen.

2. Helps sleep faster
Body temperature will continue to increase gradually from the morning and will peak in the afternoon when you become more awake and alert. Then, the body temperature will begin to decrease towards night. This temperature affects the body’s biological clock that controls sleep time so that makes a person feel sleepy and sleep faster. So, when someone starts to fall asleep, body temperature will decrease by one to two degrees Celsius. Quoted from WebMD, a Nation Sleep Foundation organization reveals that warming your feet before sleep helps give your brain that it’s time to sleep. So, people who have insomnia can use socks during sleep to help the body regulate temperature so that sleep faster.