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A Little Facts About Bed Bugs

Bed bugs become the main nuisance enemies who disturb the comfort of every mattress user. You can’t underestimate this because to get rid of them, you need the help of bed bug treatment Dallas. There are a few facts about bed bugs below.

1. Bed bugs are very small, adult fleas are about the size of an apple seed with a flat body like paper. Bed bugs breed quickly, live in colonies, and move foraging at night.

2. Bed bugs or so-called bed bugs are not only hiding in mattresses but also on sofas, carpets, pillows, blankets, on the edges of walls, behind peeling wall paint, even behind wall lamps.

3. Bed bugs do not only nest in dirty places, but can also hide in clean places.

4. When biting and sucking human blood, bed bugs will cause a rash and itchy effect that tends to heat, bumps and even serious allergic reactions in some people. The itching lasts long enough and makes you want to continue to scratch it so that the skin becomes blisters and scars.

5. A bedroom is a favorite place for bed bugs to breed because most bedrooms have a moist environment. The bed bugs that breed on the mattress can reach 10 million bed bugs and 10% of the number breed on pillows.