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There Are Some Facts Related To Harry Houdini That You Must Know

Houdini began to be a magician in 1891. Initially, he was only struggling with card magic, but his career has gone up since focusing on the actions of escape. The last performance of Houdini took place on October 24, 1926. A day later he was hospitalized and died of peritonitis in the entanglement of worms on October 31, 1926. Houdini died in Detroit at the age of 52. However, it doesn’t stop the industry of magic entertainment that he inherited to us all. As an example, you can call the best gold coast magician if you want a professional to perform in your event.

Here are some facts related to Harry Houdini in the world of magic:

1. The king of handcuffs

His ability to break free in the cuffs of many handcuffs has fascinated many people. From there he later earned the nickname as King of Handcuffs.

Houdini decided to establish a magician school after trying for so long until finally, he began to be widely known in 1899 in action through acrobatic trips that were held in several regions of the United States (US) and Europe.

2. Oppose the mystical

In 1920, Houdini began to dismantle all magic, to dismantle all the boasting of spiritualist shamans or psychics who claimed to have supernatural powers.

Houdini is very much against everything that is supernatural. In fact, in 1926, he even testified before a congress in support of laws prohibiting such occult practices.

3. Original name Ehrich Weiss

Houdini uses stage names to make them more selling and easy for the public to remember. Harry Houdini’s real name is Ehrich Weiss. Harry’s name might be a little inspired by his real first name.

However, there are also those who speculate that it is a form of tribute to the famous magician, Harry Kellar.

4. Love dies for America

In 1917, he volunteered to volunteer to join the US in World War I but was rejected due to age, and the most valid proof, when he launched an attraction called money for nothing where he seemed able to produce unlimited coins to be given to US soldiers. In fact, it was indeed the money, and the amount reached 7,000 US dollars.